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Antikore is a famous Platform Builder user and game creator. He is well-known for making technically impressive PB games.



  • He likes to over-decorate levels.
  • Before PB, Antikore used a lot of different softwares to create games and has a bit of knowledge about game designing and creation. Including GML code.
  • Likes to make suggestions for Platform Builder. He used to create posts called "Medley of Suggestions" which is a bunch of suggestions to PB on the Platform Builder Forums.
  • He made a series of sandbox levels that had the same goal and character design.
  • He announced many projects but they usually get discontinued.
  • He likes to use 8-bit NES type music and sprites, especially Shikaternia's tilesets.
  • He made a lot of sandbox levels.
  • Played PB when it still was in alpha.

Personal Life

Antikore is studying computers and programming at school. He likes to play Duck Game and formerly was a great fan of Minecraft. He has also a YouTube channel in Spanish which consists on humor videos and criticizing stuff.