Command Prompt was introduced in Platform Builder 5.0. It was the most revolutionizing feature to ever come into Platform Builder. It started out with 153 commands to use, plus variations.

What is Command Prompt?

Command Prompt is a simple yet effective system that allows the game developer to tell Platform Builder what to do. The commands are simple, and easy to use and remember. Ting Thing said it this way on the Command Prompt page:

"One could say that the command prompt is like something "in-between" a spoken language and a programming language. The experience with the command prompt is comparable to the experience of telling your smartphone what you want it to do. Most of the commands are intuitive, the same thing can be said multiple different ways, and you only need to learn some basic concepts and vocabulary. Furthermore, nothing is case-sensitive or spacebar-sensitive (with a few exceptions), and you don't need to worry about getting an error if something is entered wrong. After you have mastered using the command prompt, you may find that learning an actual coding language will come a little easier for you."

How Command Prompt helped game developers

Command Prompt opened up a world of new possibilities. Ever since it was introduced, almost every update (excluding patches) has featured either at least 1 new command, or made a little tweak in how Command Prompt works.

With command prompt, developers have been able to create advanced systems of how things work. Such as creating cutscenes, telling stories better, special actions, creating custom systems of how things work, etc.

Command Prompt add-ons

Command Prompt also has add-ons. Such as conditionals and variables. Some features need Command Prompt to work. Such as Custom Menus, and Timelines.

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