Epic Platforms a 2017-2019 Platform Builder game originally developed by Seggaw.


Development started in October 2017. Seggaw stated, "Epic Platforms is a project that was on my mind for way too long. But now, that we have a forum and an explore option, I'm more determited than ever to actually do something." A little later, the first demo was released. There were a total of 3 demos released somewhere between November 2017, to April 2018. The developer left the forums a few months later. Along with the project being completely dead. No warning was given about the developer leaving, or about the project dying. In June 2018, a new member named Gizgord joined the forums. He just so happened to be a close friend of seggaws in real life. CGM_games found out about this. And asked if he could continue the game. Gizgord asked Seggaw if CGM_games would be allowed to have the rights to continue the game. After months of waiting, due to forgetfulness, CGM_games acquired the rights to the game. Demo #4 is to be expected to be released hopefully soon.


The plot is kind of fuzzy. The main thing that is known is that two bad guys want to take over the world. Not much else is known. As to how it will be done, etc.


The game was received very well. It was one of the first Explore games, and also probably the first to use custom sprites of any kind. For its time, it was the best game. Whereas today it would be considered your average Platform Builder game. Though the game has been mostly forgotten as just another game, CGM_games hopes that the game will be known as an old classic brought back to life.

CGM_game's goal for Epic Platforms

CGM_games just wants to bring it back so that it can be played again. And just finish it up. He has stated that the game will keep original levels, sprites, music. Though the plot may change. Which is uncertain.


Gameplay is pretty average for a Platform Builder game. At it's first release, Platform Builder was still in early versions. And was only beginning to become stable. The thing that caught peoples attention was the fact that it featured custom music, and sprites. Using a more "realistic" grass tileset as the main tileset, and music done by Kevin MacLeod.

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