Invasion: Going Personal is a Platform Builder game developed by Alley AKA Team Alju5 from 2017-2019. It's one of the oldest games that's been in development for a very long time.


Invasion: Going Personal has some more important custom enemies.

Worlds and levels

World 1:

  • Industry of hills
  • Military Corps

World 2:

  • Storage facility

World 3:

  • Power plant
  • Fear house

World 4:

  • Incoming forces
  • Mining facility
  • Technology center

World 5:

  • Abandoned village
  • Old factory

Land of Dreams:

This is a special world that can be considered rather as a different game type in this game. This has been created for being used as a tutorial or a collection of single levels from a whole game. A player can skip this world for trying to beat the game in a way like it would be required in storyline.

Each level from different worlds has different characteristics and tematics.


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