Level Mayhem is a game created by Gizgord and published in 18 of June of 2018. Its main idea is to allow players to select what level they will play next and unlock more on the go.

Worlds and Levels

Ordinary Woods:

  • Grassy Grass-Garden
  • Infinite, and beyond!
  • The Famous 1-1
  • Feeling the Breeze
  • High on Mushrooms
  • Bullet House


  • High and Low in the Snow
  • Inside the Cave
  • Ice Climber
  • --


  • Under the Swamp
  • Grabbing the Heights
  • Exploring the Airship
  • Walking on Sunshine
  • --


  • No Dessert
  • Bird-Chasing
  • SuperHot Platforms
  • Sandy 'n Mazy
  • Through Pipes and Bullets
  • --


The game has received mostly good reviews. Applauding the well-designed levels, engaging boss fights, and great gameplay. Whereas one member claimed that the game was "garbage" and said that the levels were poorly designed. The criticism was taken, and the levels were improved. Though the levels were improved, the one member who game the game the worst reviews still states that the game is "garbage." It is assumed it's only because the game uses almost 100% pre-built stuff. And isn't as complex as other game titles made with Platform Builder.


Development started June 2018. The date for the first release is unknown. The last major update with the entire game was released at the end of January 2019. The developer says he won't be developing any more games. He says he will continue fixing issues with the game. And has plans for an update featuring shops, and maybe even character designs.

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