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The Platform Builder Forums is a forum for people interested in Platform Builder can talk to each other about it and their games.


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The website on Tapa Talk, still available

The Platform Builder Forums was founded in October 2017 as the Platform Builder

Community on Tapa Talk. The first era was not too successful has only 13 people have registered. In February 2018 the Forums have moved from Tapa Talk to Simple Machines Forum.

6.4 is on the way, and this old forum is dead. Dead since the new forums were released. It's been over a year since a post was posted. A lot has changed... May these forums... Rest in peace.

-Christian Game Maker on April 3, 2019


  • On May 17, 2020, a new section was launched for Platform Builder 8.0 Beta Testing called "Platform Builder 8 Beta" where registered users only where allowed to download the beta for Platform Builder 8.0 and send bug reports to Ting Thing. On June 6, 2020, it became read-only and on June 13, 2020, it was removed. However possibly when Ting Thing set the Platform Builder 8 Beta forum on read-only he accidentally put the other ones below it on read-only.
  • Antikore was around the 9th user to join, at that moment there was a bug which made new registered people unable to create new forum topics, but he was able to send replies so he reported the bug through a reply to fix the issue.
  • In March 10th, 2021, Announcements subforum had 69 topics.
  • At date of March 10th, 2021, Suggestions subforum is the subforum with more topics with a total of 555, with more than twice topics as the second one that is Report a bug or Glitch with 265.
  • At date of March 10th, 2021, from top 1 to 6 of topics by replies, all are topics about a PB game except the top 2 that is the memes topic
  • At date of March 10th, 2021, the introduction topic with more replies is by far It's a me, TheBurningBreath666 :)
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