Setap (formerly known has setapdede) is a Romanian that created the Super Adventure series.


Sandbox Levels

  • SA Train Level Demonstration


  • He found the game during the viewing of the Mario Builder Page
  • While he asked Ting Thing why PB Pro was needing a payment he shared his ideas about PB and Mathew said that he could post those in the PB Forums
  • He had Platform Builder Standard until 15th April, 2020


"Hey TingThing I Have One Qestion For You Why Is The Full Version Whit Money Payment?"

"Oh no i have vietnam flashbacks... I AM SERIOS" (Reply at Warrior555's Edit of a grave saying Super Adventure RIP 2018-2019, joking that he had Vietnam flashbacks of a character from SMG4 Series that had a similar lifespan)

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