The Gruppy Leader is the main villain for the player who must be killed in order to win. This enemy will not die when beating him once but reappears later also in each other world in a storyline being less confident and more serious in killing the player. He gets mad turning the fight and become more aggressive by adding moving and firing speed and uses grenades also in a final fight. He also pilots the helicopter to be sure in killing the player but calms down a bit when he gives a chance for his creation called Metal Plugger to try.

The Gruppy Leader begins a storyline by being a very confident soldier and leader for Gruppys who search for a great challenge but have been always disappointed. He begins to follow the player secretly and find potential in this special village inhabitant. However, if he gets owned he begins to be scared, confused and mad at the same time when a player needs even more how much he must kill The Gruppy Leader once and for all for everything he has done.

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