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TingThing is the developer and creator of Platform Builder.


  • Platform Builder Example File

Sandbox levels

  • Moving Platform Challenge


2D Platformers

TingThing started his game-making career around 2008 using Game Maker. His first game, Stickman's Bad Luck. A game about a stickman who was chosen to save the world from an evil stickman.

Game makers, made with Game Maker

Later, around 2010, he made a game called Mario Builder. It was a game about making a Super Mario Advance 4-like game. Since Mario Builder was a fan game and TingThing didn't own the rights to use Mario elements in his game, Nintendo forced GameJolt to remove it alongside other games in 2014. In 2015 he revealed a new game: Platform Builder, a successor to Mario Builder

Personal Life

TingThing goes by TingThing on the internet. Sharing that he is more of a private person on the Mario Builder website, he has shared that his name is Matthew Tingblad. He is a Christian Speaker for Josh McDowell Ministries in which he specializes in theology and apologetics. He has shared on the Mario Builder manual website about his deep faith in God, and his official YouTube Channel.


Other than making games, he also is a drummer.