Ting Thing is the developer and creator of Platform Builder.


2D Platformers

Ting Thing started his game making career around 2009 using Game Maker. His first game, "Stickmans Bad Luck". A game about a chosen stickman to save the world.

Game makers, made with Game Maker

A few years after Stickmans Bad Luck, he introduced Mario Builder. A way to make simple Mario games with a simple editor to simply select, then place objects around a course. With a simple linking method as well. After a few years into development, Nintendo had taken off a ton of indie games off of the main hosting website. Mario Builder was one of them. This scared Ting Thing from continuing to develop the Mario Builder engine. Skip ahead to 2015. The idea began to sprout again! Platform Builder was in development for about a year, until it was released in 2016. As an unstable game maker with very little resources, poor graphics, and a lot like Mario Builder. Since then, he has been developing Platform Builder. Which has evolved to become a great game maker.

Personal Life

Ting Thing goes by Ting Thing on the internet. Sharing that he is more of a private person on the Mario Builder website, he has shared that his name is Matthew Tingblad. He is a Christian Speaker for Josh McDowell Ministries in which he specializes in theological and apologetics. He has shared on the Mario Builder manual website about his deep faith in God.


Other than making games, he also is a drummer.

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